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 – Characters

Chapter One

Chlo Adams Riveras – twenty-something protagonist, was born in Gaithersburg, Maryland, and grew up on a farm across from where Maryland Avenue tees into Frederick Pike. The farm no longer exists, and that rise was flattened for commercial

space in the ‘70s. Was a young instructor at Goodspeede College in Pennsylvania, moving to Buffalo NY.

Juan Riveras – recently married to Chlo ten years older than she; from the US controlled island of Puerto Largo off the coast of Venezuela. Moving to the Puerto Largon department in the University in Buffalo.

Jason Jensen – an older student at Goodspeede, now in graduate school in Buffalo; baby Annie.

Emily Jensen – Jason’s wife, graduated from Goodspeede; baby Annie.

Ruth Adams Werner – Chlo’s older sister, Gertrude and Darcy’s oldest child.

Jim Werner – contractor; Ruth’s husband

Tracy, Sean, Tammy – Ruth and Jim’s children, Tracy now at Smith College, Sean going to Yale, Tammy in high school.

Gertrude Owens Adams – Chlo’s mother; she announced when she became engaged that she was going to have six sons. She had four sons bookmarked by daughters Ruth and Chlo.

Darcy Adams – orphaned at the age of 3. Chlo and Ruth’s father.

Gustav and Matilda Owens – owned the Wisconsin farm that became Ruth and Jim’s. They escaped from Austria as World War II was breaking out and gladly abandoned family lands and century-old heirlooms to avoid being forced to join the Nazis.


Chapter Two

Winklemans – Werner’s neighbors with home on Lake Nagawicka.

Daniel – Chlo’s brother, next oldest to her; her childhood companion.


Chapter Three

Daisy – student Juan flirted with


Chapter Four

Richard Whitmore (Rick) – PhD candidate in Buffalo, hired at the Cannon College Center

Susan (Sue) – Rick’s wife

Chrissy – Rick and Sue’s daughter

Chad – a teacher, Sue’s lover

Carl Carlson – director at the Cannon College Center; Flo, his wife, Tommy and Cara, their children

Alexander (Sandy) Swift – also applying for a job at Cannon College Center

Hope Jackson – applying for a job at CCC, both parents prominent in the Buffalo black community.

Andy Johnson – second to Carlson at CCC

Henrietta – Rick’s mother

John – Rick’s brother


Chapter Five

Tony Dick – hired by Andy Johnson at CCC

Molly Johnson – Andy Johnson’s secretary

Deb Glass – team leader at CCC

Judy Goldstein – English instructor

Arny Benedict – more black than blacks, more Indian than Indians, would have been more woman than women had women’s problems meant anything then which they didn’t.

Bonnie – instructor

Matilda – math instructor

Watt James – math instructor

Esther – student


Chapter Six

Michelle – member of Emily’s CR group


Chapter Seven

Roberto Rodriguez – poet, professor in Juan’s department

Roselita Kaiser – serious person in the Puerto Largon department – good friend of Roberto

Herb Kaiser – Roselita’s husband – good friend of Roberto

Pedro – head of the Puerto Largon department

Minnie – Pedro’s wife – Jimmy and Carlos, Pedro and Minnie’s sons

Raul and Mary Alvarez – Raul in Puerto Largon dept.

Suzy – who’s Suzy

Jim – CCC math instructor






Chapter Eight

Floyd Jones – a CCC counselor

Sally – a CCC student

Chapter Nine

Judson – CCC instructor

Wilhelm – Darcy and Gertrude’s first son, second child born 1936, a lawyer and judge

Ted – 3rd child, second son, medical doctor

Fred – 4th child, third son – VP of his firm

Daniel  5th child, 4th son and Karen, his wife


Chapter Ten

Rob and Marge Greyson – Cannon College professors, teaching for a time at CCC Rob, taught social science, Marge, science

Nile – Administrator and instructor at CCC


Chapter Thirteen

Dr. Bruce Miller – Professor in Ed. Chlo’s PhD adviser

AliceChlo’s CR group member

Jenny - Chlo’s CR group member who offers to go to Lamaze with her. Dawn is her child

Tamber – Host of party, Eleanor and Christy other attendees


Chapter Fourteen

Dave Hill, Rick’s incompetent dissertation advisor, Woodward, competent
Brenda – CCC reading instructor, Louise recently hired, Elly instructor

Oscar Rick’s PhD committee from another dept, outside reader in Detroit

Lem Herbert -  State Legislator with authority over CCC


Chapter Fifteen

Dr. Stanley – Chlo’s obstetrician

Bob and Herb – propositioning Chlo

Sara – Instructor, team leader

Johnnie – counselor

Alice, Madge, Jeanne, Jenny (Dave, her husband) – Chlo’s CR group


Chapter Sixteen

Jake - President of Cannon College

Tobias Hardiman – hired to be head of CCC

Jules Adams Riveras – Chlo’s baby

Jason’s mother

Arlene – part of Emily’s commune


Chapter Seventeen

Kevin – Nile’s son

Maggie – Nile’s babysitter

Sara Jane – CCC student


Chapter Eighteen

Mrs. Thompson – sitter


Chapter Nineteen

Mr. and Mrs [Klaus and Anna] Joest

Chrissy and Charry – Rick and Sue’s daughters


Chapter Twenty-One

Alan - Lawyer

Tim O’Mar -Lawyer


Chapter Twenty-Two

Nikolaus G. Jakobsen – Grants


Chapter Twenty-Six

Constance, Julia, Jordan


Chapter Twenty-Seven

Donna, Rose, Deb – mean girl group

Saffire- her mother knew how to spell sapphire, but wanted the word “fire” in her daughter’s name